Fines for incorrectly documented passengers can be crippling for an airline. With the total cost of a single violation reaching tens of thousands of dollars, airlines can ill afford to transport passengers who do not hold the correct documentation for their intended destination.

TravelDoc is a comprehensive travel documentation verification system that allows airlines to quickly and easily check whether a passenger possesses the correct documentation for their journey, thus helping airline eliminate fines and save money.

TravelDoc has already been chosen by many leading airlines around the world and is currently being integrated into Amadeus Altea and other DCS platforms.

ICTS Europe Systems has recently launched self service kiosks with TravelDoc embedded, in the airports. This new innovation allows airports to have control over the self service process using modern self service kiosks that are not bound to any specific provider or manufacture, and require no certification or network charges. This new innovation will allow airlines to deploy their self service application, but also offers airlines the ability to use the innovative TravelDoc Smart App contained on the kiosk. The Smart App is a 3 Step self check-in application integrated with TravelDoc (an automatic document check function), which provides passengers a quick and easy travel experience. Please click here to find more details about ICTS Self Check-in Kiosks.

Want to know more about TravelDoc ?

TravelDoc Suite

TravelDoc is a suite of applications and services, designed to meet the varying needs of airlines in the 21st century.

  • Webservice that can be integrated into any airline system
  • Clear Go / No Go decisions
  • Provides global coverage of immigration rules
  • Client specific rules can be added quickly and easily
  • Reference guide detailing all immigration, health and customs rules in TravelDoc.
  • Ideal resource for customer service staff when resolving difficult passenger cases
  • Available as an app for mobile devices or as a website
  • Self service website for passengers to check their travel requirements
  • Provides clear, easy to understand responses to passengers
  • Includes links to useful resources for passengers (such as embassies etc)
  • Can be branded to match airlines own branding
  • Wide range of reports available out of the box
  • Extensive and detailed reporting capabilities
  • Provides invaluable insight for airline management